Majority of the times when the play ‘The Cripple of Inishmaan’ was staged in different theaters across Europe and United States, it got sold out to loving audiences there. Let’s take you through some important tips that can help you draw similar kinds of crowds for your own play. When you’re keen on increasing the audiences for your play, it is significant that you stay attentive, motivated and most importantly creative.

Following are just a handful of approaches and methods you could use for comprehensively transforming the ticket sales of your play and fill up all those seats!

Marketing the group sale tickets directly to your sponsoring companies/entities
Although it’s good to go after local businesses for sponsorship deals or donations to your show, you could tap into them as potential audience members too! Since they’re already committed to the field of arts, they could include a mention of your upcoming play in their next organizational bulletin or newsletter and offer special prices on group tickets. Your ticket sales could get a huge boost that way.

Run a buy one get one free offer, targeted at college students
The field of performing arts is one that is meant for everyone, and most importantly the starving university students who have tremendous potential of turning into ardent art patrons of tomorrow. Keeping this in mind, effectively run a buy one get one free offer targeted specifically at the university students, valid only if they show their authentic student IDs.

Target the young theatregoers by implementing a ticket price reduction program
This is a simple yet highly effective strategy. All you need to do is offer reduced ticket prices to theatregoers who are under 30 years old. Broadway theatres for long have been successfully wooing a large number of young art lovers by following this strategy and have successfully converted many of them into lifelong theatre enthusiasts.

Get into partnership with the local Arts Councils
We all know that the economies world over are facing a pretty tough time. In such times it becomes important that people with common interests team up and offer the best possible services to the end customers. You could team up with various local arts organizations and/or councils and tap into their already existing lists. This way, you could positively and directly impact yours as well as your partner’s profits.
For instance, if you hook up with a local contemporary dance institution, you could position your play as a combination of a night of theatre and contemporary dance, at a reduced combination price! Who wouldn’t love that sort of combo?!

Engage a local celebrity
We all know how the sales and popularity of the Cripple of Inishmaan reached an altogether different high after Daniel Radcliffe was roped in for the lead role of Billy Claven. In the similar manner, you could engage some local celebrity or politician for your next show and promote their participation. Your play will most certainly gain many new patrons! It doesn’t matter whether you involve the guy who reads the 6am weather report, a local newscaster or the Mayor of the city, people would want to attend simply to see how good that person would be on the stage!